With these 6 top-notch services, we will take care of your property as no one else, yet affordably.

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We will transform your property so that everyone falls in love with it

People make decisions visually and emotionally. This is precisely what home staging is built on - transforming the property to make it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. We have excellent home staging results and believe that our accessories will be removed only after a successful closing.
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We will photograph your property to make it cover worthy

You may be accustomed to the fact that regular brokers take pictures of the property with their mobile phone. Our properties are photographed by a real estate specialist with professional technology and attention to detail. The resulting photos will present your property in its best light, without misleading.


We actively create demand through advertising

Most brokers do marketing by uploading your property on a real estate portal and waiting for a phone call. But you can do that yourself! Here at Arvin & Benet always keep up with online advertising trends, and together with our marketing experts, we develop a marketing strategy for each real estate. Your real estate will be visible to people not only on real estate portals, but also on Facebook, Instagram, and via banner campaigns across the Internet. We don‘t wait for phone calls; we actively create demand. This is one of the reasons why we’re market leaders in real estate promotion.


Our viewings are a pleasant experience for the buyers

The viewing is undoubtedly the most important moment of a real estate sale, and so we pay attention to the buyer's senses. We make the property smell good, create a custom music playlist and prepare snacks. But all this wouldn’t work if your property was presented by a poor broker. The broker can do a lot of damage, but also a lot of good. You can count on our professional brokers to enhance the overall impression from the property sale thanks to their experience and approach.


A five-star service that won't cost you more

If you could go to a three- or five-star hotel for the same price. Which one would you choose? You have the same with real estate agencies. At the end of the day, everybody will sell your property, but if you choose Arvin & Benet, thanks to our service and individual approach you will enjoy the process without any struggle. And yet it won't cost you more. We will provide the details for an expert report, deal with cadastre, waterworks, electricity providers, and many other things for which you will not have to take a vacation from work.


Right consulting that won't leave you hanging.

Many sales contracts have landmines that are not revealed by ordinary lawyers and can easily cost you of the roof over your head. That is why we work with reputable law firms that specialize in real estate and will guarantee your peaceful sleep.
Please leave us your phone number and prepare for a prosperous journey of selling and renting.


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